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Copyright Lawyers for Videographers Protect Your Work

What Can Copyright Lawyers do For Videographers?

If you are a videographer, you might ask yourself, “Do I really need a copyright lawyer?” or “Why would I need a copyright attorney?” These are valid questions.

The attorneys at Sanders Law Group want you to understand how copyright lawyers can help you protect your work and rights. Our law practice handles copyright infringement cases and other copyright-related issues for all types of creative artists such as yourself.

When it comes to videographers, our goal is to ensure that your work and your business are protected. We want you to receive compensation for your work, and compensatory damages when someone violates your legal rights. Sanders Law Group can help you every step of the way, from registering copyright to litigating a copyright infringement claim.

Here, we share some considerations if you are thinking about hiring copyright lawyers.

Copyright Lawyers Can Protect Your Legal Rights

Copyright lawyers can work from the start to help protect your legal rights. For example, we can help with the copyright application or registration process. We can tend to the accuracy and timing of your paperwork to minimize any potential discrepancies in the future.

Our copyright lawyers can also negotiate terms and draft licensing agreements that reflect your intent and protect your financial interests. For example, if you create a video and a company wants to use a clip for a marketing campaign, copyright lawyers can ensure that you understand the scope of its use and receive appropriate compensation for granting permission.

Copyright Lawyers Can Help Enforce Your Legal Rights

Sometimes, despite all your best efforts, people will try to take advantage of your hard work. If that happens, our copyright infringement lawyers can seek to enforce your legal rights and collect damages for your losses.

For example, if someone uses your video outside the agreed-upon terms of a licensing agreement, we can seek damages. If someone uses your video without permission, we can pursue a copyright infringement case to collect actual or statutory damages.

Do I Need Help from Copyright Lawyers at Sanders Law Group?

You might benefit from hiring copyright lawyers if you create a new video or film. Why? Copyright attaches automatically to original, creative work. However, you should file a copyright registration as soon as the work is fixed in tangible form. Why? Because in the event of copyright infringement, you will be entitled to seek statutory damages. You will also be creating a presumption of ownership. Copyright lawyers can ensure your filing and registration are accurate, complete, and timely, which can become very relevant in the event of copyright infringement.

Having confidence that your copyright is valid is important. But it doesn’t necessarily stop others from using your work without your permission. Copyright infringement can still occur, and when it does, you should have copyright lawyers representing your interests. If you suspect copyright infringement, Sanders Law Group can help you through the process of filing a lawsuit and collecting appropriate damages.

Ask yourself:

  • Did someone illegally download my video and sell it to others?
  • Did someone copy my work and distribute duplicates?
  • Did a clip of my work appear in a video game, movie, or show?

You might have a copyright infringement claim if any of these things occurred. Calling Sanders Law Group at 888-348-3090 should be your first step toward putting an end to copyright infringement and collecting damages.

Call Our Copyright Attorneys for a Free Consultation

The decision of whether to seek help from our copyright lawyers at Sanders Law Group should not be a difficult one. We offer no-cost, no-risk consultations and take copyright infringement cases on a contingency fee basis.

If you are a videographer or filmmaker, call us today to find out how we can help protect your legal rights. We want to preempt problems and see that your copyright, video work, and business are protected from unlawful use. If someone violates your copyright or the terms of a license, we want to ensure you collect the maximum damages allowed by law.

Call our copyright attorneys at 888-348-3090 to get started.

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