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What Can a Copyright Lawyer Do For Photographers?

What Do Copyright Lawyers Do For Photographers?

Copyright lawyers are an important part of the photography industry. At Sanders Law Group, we devote our practice to helping professional photographers file copyright claims when they discover unauthorized use of their creative work. We work hard to protect your work and that you receive maximum compensation for copyright infringement.

Copyright law is complicated and ever-changing. Here, we will review some common issues that arise when photographers consider the question, “why do I need a copyright attorney?” Let’s look at how a copyright lawyer can help photographers avoid being taken advantage of and protect some of the most important legal rights that copyright gives you.

Copyright Attorneys Can Explain Your Rights Under The Copyright Act

The Copyright Act is a federal law that gives the person who creates original creative work, like a photograph, the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute that work. It is unlawful for someone else to copy or use your work without permission from the copyright holder. Using your copyrighted image without permission, such as a license, might be copyright infringement.

There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, if the material is being used for educational purposes, the user might not be liable for infringement. However, exceptions to copyright laws are open to interpretation.

The federal court (district court) decides each legal claim based on its own particular facts and circumstances. Only after understanding the facts of a specific case can a decision be made regarding copyright infringement.

Copyright Attorneys Can Explain The Importance of Copyright Registration

Copyright registration can be confusing. Why? Because you don’t need to register with the copyright office to be a copyright owner.

In other words, copyright attaches to your work automatically. The moment you take a photograph, you are the copyright owner, and the image is considered copyrighted work. No person or business can use it without your permission.

Then what is the point of registering with the copyright office? If you already have copyright protection, why bother?

There are some important reasons to register your copyright:

  1. Registration is required before you can bring a copyright infringement suit in the US.
  2. Registration before the infringement or within three months of the alleged infringement means you are eligible for statutory damages if you win your infringement claim.
  3. Registration can also be used as prima facie evidence of the validity of your copyright.

Number two might have the biggest impact on your infringement claim. Without timely registration, even if you are successful, your compensation award would be limited to actual damages.

By registering copyright prior to the infringement or within three months of it, you can recover statutory damages, attorneys fees, and the costs of your lawsuit. Statutory damages tend to be much more than actual damages.

Statutory damages can range from $750 to $30,000 per work infringed. If copyright owners can prove the infringement was willful, they might be able to collect up to $150,000 per work.

What Else Can The Right Copyright Law Firm Do For You?

If you are a professional photographer, or another type of creative artist, finding a copyright law firm to protect your legal rights and offer valuable legal advice should be a priority. Why?
Lawyers can ensure your rights are protected from the start.

Attorneys with experience handling copyright infringement cases can recognize when an infringement or violation occurs and work quickly to ensure the unauthorized use stops.
The right copyright attorney can create license agreements for clients that ensure their wishes are reflected, and they are paid fairly.

If third parties violate the terms of your license agreements, copyright lawyers can take legal action to address the violation, even if someone else created the agreement.

Lawyers can also negotiate and settle legal claims out of court. Copyright infringement can result in a lucrative settlement amount for the copyright owners.

Photographers Call Sanders Law Group, For Maximum Copyright Protection

At Sanders Law Group, you will find attorneys who understand copyright laws, value the attorney client relationship, and take pride in working on behalf of photographers to protect the work they have created.

Copyright cases are what we do. We believe in the ownership rights that copyright laws bestow and work hard to protect them for every client.

Don’t let someone use your work without permission. Protect and enforce your legal rights with the help of Leibowitz Law Firm. If you are a professional photographer or other creator of original work, call our office today at 888-348-3090. Schedule your free consultation and learn about your options if someone is violating your legal rights.

We are copyright lawyers protecting photographers, and we are here for you when someone commits copyright infringement. Call Sanders Law Group at 888-348-3090.

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