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Copyright Enforcement

Enforcing Your Rights Under Copyright Law

When you are the holder of a copyright, you have certain rights associated with that work.  Did you create a photograph, video, text, design, graphic, logo or other item?  You may have legal rights.  The question to ask is how will you enforce those rights?  We protect your rights with copyright enforcement.

In truth, there are many ways to enforce your legal rights.  You may choose to pursue one or more enforcement mechanisms.  You should consult with our experienced copyright lawyers before starting an enforcement strategy.

Copyright Enforcement: Licensing, Settlements and More

When it is time to enforce your copyright, you first need to assess your immediate and longer term goals.

Do you want to secure a license for the work?  Are you looking for compensation?  Do you want them to pay and stop using your work, or grant a license to pay and continue using it?

Are you looking to have copyrighted material removed from the web?  Are you looking to block access to a website featuring your work (such as a piracy website)?

You need to consider the many options – or a combination – and make an informed decision about how you want to protect your rights.

Methods of Enforcing Your Copyright

Under Federal Law, the copyright holder has extensive rights to the work.  These are your rights, and you can grant rights to others (if you choose).  Before taking copyright enforcement actions, you need to determine what sort of violation occurred and what you want to accomplish.

Licensing Your Work to a Third Party

One common remedy for a copyright violation is to reach a settlement and grant a license – for a fee, of course.  The parties often negotiate the amount.  If you filed a federal copyright, you may be entitled to statutory damages, which are often more than a typical licensing fee.  Of course, depending on how the party violated your copyright, you may, in some circumstances, receive more based on actual damages.

As part of this type of settlement, we also negotiate the use.  Is the use cut off?  Will you permit continued use under license?  These are things for you to decide, negotiate, and work into that license.

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