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Copyright Tips for New Videographers

Tips For New Videographers – Copyright Included

Are you thinking of becoming a professional videographer? Do you love filming? Are you planning to make a movie? If you are new to any professional field, there are some things you should consider prior to embarking on your path.

When it comes to filmmaking or videography, you can find many tips on ways to get started on your first project. Most of the advice comes from seasoned professionals who have been in the industry and want to help you understand some of the essentials of making high-quality, interesting, or engaging movies and videos.

These tips are useful, but don’t always include everything you need to know. For example, you can find a list on that includes:

  • Plan ahead – set goals, identify audiences, find locations to shoot
  • Choose the right type of video
  • Use high-quality camera equipment
  • Make sure your lighting is right
  • Select good audio equipment
  • Make sure you have excellent video editing software
  • Market your work

What is missing from this? Any tips for videographers just getting started should include copyright. Why? Because creative professionals should understand their legal rights and their legal obligations to use their work and that of others.

Copyright Tips for Videographers

As you are starting out (or are already in the industry), some of the things you need to consider in the copyright realm include the following:

  • When you create an original video, you automatically have copyright. Copyright is the exclusive right to copy, distribute, and sell it.
  • When you upload your video to an internet platform, you might be agreeing to forfeit some of your exclusive rights, based on the terms of service of that platform.
  • Be careful using music in your video. You could be infringing on another person’s copyright by using a song without permission, a license, or payment to the copyright owner.
  • If you film individuals, consider having them sign model release agreements, ensuring you have the right to use the footage in which they appear.

This list is by no means exhaustive. But before becoming a professional videographer or filmmaker, you need to learn a bit about copyright to protect yourself. Our site contains a great deal of information to help you on your journey. Of course, if you need assistance, please contact our copyright lawyers for a consultation.

Call Our Copyright Lawyers to Protect Your Rights

At Sanders Law Group, our US Copyright Attorneys represent all types of creative professionals who have copyright issues. Our lawyers understand how hard you work to create something original or unique and how challenging it can be to reap appropriate financial rewards – whether you are just starting out or trying to grow your existing business.

We strive to help the creative community protect their legal rights and obtain fair compensation for their work. Our lawyers are fully prepared to seek damages when someone uses or copies your work without permission.

Call our copyright lawyers today at 888-348-3090 to learn more about how we can help videographers with their copyright needs.



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