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Lawyers Enforcing Photographers’ Copyright

Social Media Complicates Copyright Enforcement

The general rule under US copyright laws is that you control your own creative, original work. When you post your work on social media, however, you might be losing some of your control.

You don’t have to lose your copyright when you upload something to a website or social media platform. But you might be granting a license. You should find out what the terms and conditions are of each website to which you post photographs, music, or other creative, original work. By posting, you are agreeing to whatever those terms are.
If you are not sure, you risk losing control.

Once you put your work “out there,” it can be difficult to track what happens to it. Copyright violations might occur without your knowledge.
You must consider this before you share something that might be of value to you.

Has Someone Violated Your Copyright by Sharing Your Work?

When you agree to license your work by posting it, are you giving everyone permission to use it?

No, you are probably not. But more and more, we see people taking photographs from a website or Instagram and using it for their own purposes. Is someone using your copyrighted photograph to create merchandise? Is someone using your copyrighted song in an advertisement? Did a picture you took of a celebrity end up on his or her social media to promote their brand?

If you are diligent (and lucky) enough to discover any of these actions occurring, you must consider if these actions are acceptable under copyright law. There is a good chance that they are not, and you might be able to file a copyright infringement claim.

You Should Hold People Accountable for Copyright Violations

It is up to you to enforce copyright violations and hold people accountable for violating your rights.

Unless you specifically allow it, no one should be able to use your original, creative work. If you want to grant a license, that is your choice. If you want payment for your work, that is also your choice. How, when, and where your work is used, displayed, or copied should be under your control.

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At Sanders Law Group, we know first-hand how much time and effort go into being a creative professional. We put our time and effort into protecting the rights of creative professionals worldwide, including photographers, artists, writers, and designers.

We want to make sure that you control your work. When someone violates your copyright or contract, call our copyright lawyers at Sanders Law Group, today at 888-348-3090.

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