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Music Sampling Copyright Claim Against G-Eazy

Sampling Leads To Lawsuit Against Hip Hop Artist G-Eazy

TMZ reported March 5, 2020, that Memphis DJ Squeeky and Gaylon Love are suing hip hop star G-Eazy for copyright infringement. The plaintiffs in the copyright lawsuit allege that G-Eazy’s hit song “No Limit” “straight up sampled their 1993 Southern hip-hop classic” “Looking 4 Da Chewin.” The court documents claim that Squeeky and Love are the exclusive owners of “Looking 4 Da Chewin” and that G-Eazy never got their permission to sample the song.

DJ’s Copyright Lawsuit Seeks Profits From G-Eazy’s Hit Song “No Limit”

No Limits is the lead single from the album The Beautiful & Damned, which G-Eazy released in 2017. The song sold over 5 million copies and features artists Cardi B. and A$AP Rocky. A remixed version of No Limit came out sometime later and featured Belly, Juicy J and French Montana. Squeeky and Love’s lawsuit does not name any additional artists as defendants in the case, only G-Eazy. The DJs are asking for profits from the song, which have been substantial due to its tremendous success.

What Does Copyright Law Say About Music Sampling?

Copyright law is clear: when you sample the music of another artist without getting their permission, you are breaching their copyright. Sampling without permission is copyright infringement – it does not matter how big or small of a portion you use. Artists who want to use a sample of someone else’s music must get permission to steer clear of violating copyright law.

Getting clearance for sampling is required whenever you plan to make copies of the music you are making and distribute it or sell it to the public. Permission is generally not needed if you are playing music for your friends or a small group, using the music at home, or what you are doing falls under “fair use doctrine.”

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