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Nike Sued Copyright Infringement

Fashion Brand Files Multi-Million-Dollar Lawsuit Against Nike and Michael Jordan for Copyright Infringement and More

In an article posted on June 30, 2020, on, (TFL) Faded Royalty has filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against Nike and Michael Jordan for copyright and trademark infringement. The lawsuit was filed in New York Federal Court on June 29 also contains allegations of unfair competition, deceptive practices, and unjust enrichment. Court documents request injunctive relief and damages in the amount of $30 million.

Lawsuit Alleges Nike Uses “Copycat” Logo on Michael Jordan Items

Faded Royalty, an independent fashion brand, and its founder Rocco Giordano asserts in the lawsuit that in 2000 the company began using its “6 point star logo” on all of its apparel.
It has been used they say “consistently and without interruption in the 20 years since.” The logo is always somewhere on their apparel, printed on the tag, embroidered into the item, or printed somewhere on the article itself.

The lawsuit asserts that Nike, in collaboration with artist Cody Hudson, began using a “copycat logo,” primarily on the Jordan brand of Nike apparel. In court documents, Faded Royalty alleges that Nike and the other defendants “intentionally and willfully creating apparel and other promotional goods using [its] ‘6 point’ star logo,” with no authorization or permission.

Founder of Faded Royalty Learned Nike Was Using His Copyrighted Logo From Friends Who Thought It Was His

Giordano first heard of the infringement in 2020 when several people “congratulated” him on his alleged deal with Nike and the Jordan Brand, which led to further investigation into the matter. Giordano discovered the copycat logo being used in a Jordan Chicago Collaborators’ Collection, which is more than clothing. It also includes items such as “sculptures, coffee cups, [and] books.” In the lawsuit, Faded Royalty claims this is causing customer confusion in the marketplace and affecting their business and brand. Giordano is particularly disturbed by Nike’s claims that the logo is the result of Hudson’s “exclusive work of creativity.”

Plaintiff Alleges He Has Exclusive Rights to Logo

Giordano maintains registered copyright for the Faded Royalty’s logo. It is the copyright to this graphic, he claims is being “infringed by Nike and Hudson’s “creation and use and publication of an unauthorized replica and or derivative work of [his] ‘6 point’ star logo.”

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