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Assignments and Photographer Agreements

Contracts for Photography Assignments

Nearly all professional photographers offer their services to others. While the photographer owns the copyright to his/her work, the other party will want rights to the images in exchange for a fee.

Before entering into an assignment, the photographer needs to clearly understand his rights and obligations, fee structure and more. Without a clear definition, you are opening yourself up to disputes, confusions and tarnished professional relationships.

What is a Photography Assignment Agreement?

This is the agreement signed between the photographer and the person hiring them. It is a contract for services, which can include photography, image retouching, the rights to use images and more.

What are Some of the Terms in a Photography Assignment?

A photography assignment typically includes the essential terms of the work to be performed, along with agreed upon rights to the photographs.

  • How many models will be in the shoot?
  • How many changes per model?
  • How many days will the shoot last?
  • Will the shoot be on location or in a studio?
  • Who will cover the travel expenses, will they be prepaid, and what accommodations are included?
  • What is the fee for the photographer during the shoot?
  • What is the fee for retouching?
  • What is the fee for image rights?
  • What restrictions are placed on the use of the images? Type of use, duration, circulation, assignability and other considerations?

A Detailed Photography Assignment Agreement Avoids Problems

The photography industry is largely relationship driven. Those with a better reputation of smooth transactions will have more opportunities to more work in the future.

The biggest challenge with assignments is not the negotiation of terms. The problem tends to be around misunderstandings as to the terms.

When you are brought on for a shoot, you want to do your best work and deliver value to your client. Your client wants a positive outcome, not an argument over issues after the shoot.

Take the time, carefully define your assignment, make sure everyone is clear on the terms, and your job will be much easier.

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The copyright lawyers at Sanders Law Group can help you with your assignment agreements. We understand the photography industry, and can help you negotiate your terms, and draft the agreement you need. If you were presented with an assignment agreement from a client, you can provide it to us, we will review it, and help make sure your interests are represented.

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